Cast Drawing


I have been passionate about the creation of fine art for a lifetime. However, my early working years led me to pursue other careers; the first as a gymnastics coach / physical director and the second in mechanical engineering.  In 2013 I decided to leave the corporate world of business development and move to New York City to begin my “third career” as a professional artist.  

New York uniquely provided access to many opportunities to view and obtain concentrated instruction in the creation of fine art.  I was and continue to be inspired by the artistic environment in New York where the recent resurgence in the creation of realistic art by contemporary masters is thriving.  Many schools, ateliers and studios of artists who paint, sculpt and instruct in the realistic styles of the European and American masters of the 18th and 19th centuries have been established.  The realization that concentrated study was going to be necessary to get me to the next level of artistic excellence led me to New York and to a studio where I could work full time in the study and practice of realistic painting.       

I had the unique opportunity to obtain this level of instruction at the studio of master artist and instructor Joshua LaRock.  Joshua is my son and his studio at the time was located on East 23rd street in the heart of the “Flat Iron District” of New York City.  In addition to the blessing of receiving artistic instruction and working alongside my son for three years, I received incredible exposure and training in classical methods.   

In January 2016 I returned to The Woodlands, Texas to continue to study and work full time; painting, teaching and marketing oil paintings in the realistic and classical style of contemporary masters and other masters from the 18th and 19th centuries.  I endeavor to produce art that tells a story in a timeless manner and compels the viewer to consider the beauty, truth and goodness in all people and the world in which we live.

I accept commissions for paintings and currently paint a wide range of subjects, predominately in oil, ranging from still life and floral to landscape and portraiture. 


Tom LaRock - 2017


A study in classical realistic painting begins with an intensive program of learning to draw with precision and dimension. Drawings of Bargue plates and rendering plaster casts in graphite typically takes a student a year of study and guided practice to complete.  The next year of training is devoted to classes in cast painting, portrait, figure drawing and the theories of perspective and color.  The program concludes with up to 2 years of painting still life, floral, portrait and figure works accompanied by regular peer and professional critiques.





    National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society -  Best of America Exhibit  - Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Oil Painters of America - The Twenty-Sixth Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils - Cincinnati, Ohio

    Curator of Fine Arts - 15th Annual Woodlands Home and Garden Show - The Woodlands, Texas

    International Guild of Realism - Winter Salon - Scottsdale, Arizona

    Woodlands Art League - Best Floral (professional)

    Artists of Texas -  Winter Show, Breckenridge, Texas


    National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society

    Oil Painters of America

    International Guild of Realism

    Woodlands Art League

    Conroe Art League

    Galveston Art League 

    Lone Star Art League 


    Campobella Bronze Sculpture and Tom LaRock Paintings - Conroe, Texas

    Davinci Art Gallery - Tomball, Texas



    Woodlands Art League

2013 through 2015

     Fine Art Studies - New York City